Color Accounting Certification Program

Color Accounting Certification Program
Color Accounting Certification Program
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All the best attributes of the acclaimed classroom-based workshop, but in the convenience of your own time.


Literacy in the accounting language is really important for anyone that needs to understand and use accounting, make more effective decisions, become more valuable at work, review financial information or achieve financial goals. It is absolutely required if you want to increase your financial literacy and business acumen. This could be the best investment in yourself that you ever make.

Color Accounting™ is REAL accounting.

Color Accounting™ is a revolutionary new way of  learning and becoming literate in accounting. For tens of thousand of students, managers, lawyers and leaders… from Australia to San Francisco… Color Accounting has had a life-changing impact on their skill, confidence, communication and success.

When you sign-up for and enroll in the Color Accounting Self-Study program you will be shipped your own personal BaSIS Box.  This valuable pack contains all the important elements from the acclaimed live workshop, mous more: your text book, a parable about accounting, your BaSIS Framework™ and self-study materials.

Your course portal will contain everything else you need: a downloadable Study Guide for each lesson, more than9 hours of instruction found in 60 videos (most quite brief), online quizzes, a student forum and access to a qualified accountant for support.


Color Accounting Self Study Workshop

  • The closest possible experience to attending the live one day workshop without being there.
  • Instructors are the co-founders of Color Accounting: Peter Frampton and Mark Robilliard.
  • The hybrid approach - digital instruction and physical resources - is a unique combination designed to appeal to all learning styles.
  • More than 60 instructional videos in the course with lots of activities and variations.
  • The LMS is browser-based and therefore works on any device.
  • Approximates to around 9 hours of ‘class time’.
  • Good balance between ‘watching’ and ‘doing’.
  • Government authorized certificate on successful completion awarded by UAC.
  • Direct access to Mark Robilliard as the course mentor.
  • Two books: one textbook and one parable (international best seller: 50,000+ copies) are included, together with a full student courseware kit - shipped free within the US and Canada.

Some background

Color Accounting is a representation, explanatory, and therefore, educational technology.  It has been evolving for over twenty years. It was enabled by the advent of technologies, such as color printing and desktop publishing software. Its time had come.

Color Accounting was initially used as an adult accelerated learning system, for corporate education in the workplace.  Neurological research has backed up what Color Accounting practitioners have noticed, that humans respond quicker to conceptual information presented graphically and spatially.  It  became obvious early on that Color Accounting would benefit younger learners using traditional curricula in schools and colleges too.

After introducing Color Accounting into secondary and tertiary schools, new evidence quickly mounted that color, graphics and illuminated plain language create a step change in student learning and teachers’ effectiveness. Many examples continue to accrue of Color Accounting enhancing traditional accounting teaching.  These include the transformation of accounting in one high school from nearly-cancelled-subject to most-popular-elective, in the space of a year.

The Color Accounting system is used around the world as a catalyst for change as to how traditional accounting curricula is taught in high schools, colleges and universities.

For more information regarding the Color Accounting program go HERE:

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